General / 04 October 2021

My images look like an early AI seeing a blurred view of the world.

Did 2/3 days so far, just practicing out loud, Setting up the workspace, messing with tools. Essentially spilling the paint.


Gaming Inspiration

General / 15 September 2021

It has been an off-year for me artistically. I have done a contract but did not finish another one, due to the lack of payment for the hours worked. I started up Guildwars2 again and realized why this series is my favorite of all time. It'ts the exploration of the maps and zones and the immersive nature of the games. Probably why I chose environment art.  Why I went to school 13 years ago, was to create these worlds and not just experience them.

ArenaNet, Vigil, Games, Bungie, Bioware, Epic, and other developers to name a few were some true inspirations of mine, where I wanted to just exist in those 3D worlds. Having the fundamental basis of knowledge of 3D and a degree is nice, but the practice of treating work like an MMO upgrading and leveling up, getting new gear (Hardware) grinding work for gold, etc there a lot of parallels to the real world. 

Who knows what the future will bring, I love the fall season, Happy Inktober!


General / 05 March 2021

Well, We are almost a quarter done with the year at the end of this month.  A lot of family, homeownership stuff has been the focus of my time lately. I have also played too many games while testing cloud gaming on Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now.  What that made me think of is a cloud-based platform for game development. I know this stuff exists for rendering, but I want to be able to make material in substance and levels in Unreal without breaking the bank to upgrade to the latest hardware.  

 I just heard of Incredibuild unsure what is out there to enable cheap people like me to use high power GPU and CPU in the cloud to make games.  Update * just heard of Shadow

Got a Home!

General / 05 December 2020

Alright now have internet and PC setup minus some monitors and drawing tablet I'm almost ready to make some 3D again.

Home Hiatus

General / 04 October 2020

I've had to put a pause on 3D due to a Home Search,  I plan to take more classes next year in 2021 once everything is settled. 4 Classes with Full Sail Online as a post-grad auditing courses. Come on 2021 be a good year for all of us please!

Library - Modular Interior Environment 2020 in UE4

Work In Progress / 07 August 2020

8/30/20 - Lighting and Polishing

8/29/20 Base Materials

8/28/20 Substance Designer Materials

8/18 - Exported to Unreal

8/17 - Updated some Assets

8/9/20 - Mostly the ceiling


Static Mesh replacement modeled in Maya

All work by Kyle Horne - 2020

Environment Art -E.A.R Full Sail Online Audit Course

Work In Progress / 06 August 2020

Environment Art Course using BSP layout for quick reference got examples from Gears of War, Darksiders III mainly. Want to combine a museum, mansion, lodge, and a crypt somehow, still picking out the theme.  

I want to contrast wood and stone with extravagance. I have not made a full level in Unreal since 2011 so it is a lot to relearn very quickly. I still have the basics down, but want to get better about using correct units on the grid and getting modular assets to fit nicely.

Reference: Mood Board

BSP in UE4

Mostly empty space BSP

Old Project - Shaker Bottle

Work In Progress / 08 July 2020

Shaker Bottle

Maya High Res unsmoothed and low res

UV for low res

All work by Kyle Horne 2020

CT- Scanner Update

Work In Progress / 03 July 2020

CT Scanner Updates. Had to upres the large model and export again.  UV's and Material iD Sets had to be fixed so that the textures would carry over. 

CT Scanner Textured

Work In Progress / 29 June 2020

CT Scanner in Substance Painter

CT Scanner Textures