Gaming Inspiration

General / 15 September 2021

It has been an off-year for me artistically. I have done a contract but did not finish another one, due to the lack of payment for the hours worked. I started up Guildwars2 again and realized why this series is my favorite of all time. It'ts the exploration of the maps and zones and the immersive nature of the games. Probably why I chose environment art.  Why I went to school 13 years ago, was to create these worlds and not just experience them.

ArenaNet, Vigil, Games, Bungie, Bioware, Epic, and other developers to name a few were some true inspirations of mine, where I wanted to just exist in those 3D worlds. Having the fundamental basis of knowledge of 3D and a degree is nice, but the practice of treating work like an MMO upgrading and leveling up, getting new gear (Hardware) grinding work for gold, etc there a lot of parallels to the real world. 

Who knows what the future will bring, I love the fall season, Happy Inktober!