Library - Modular Interior Environment 2020 in UE4

Work In Progress / 07 August 2020

8/30/20 - Lighting and Polishing

8/29/20 Base Materials

8/28/20 Substance Designer Materials

8/18 - Exported to Unreal

8/17 - Updated some Assets

8/9/20 - Mostly the ceiling


Static Mesh replacement modeled in Maya

All work by Kyle Horne - 2020

Environment Art -E.A.R Full Sail Online Audit Course

Work In Progress / 06 August 2020

Environment Art Course using BSP layout for quick reference got examples from Gears of War, Darksiders III mainly. Want to combine a museum, mansion, lodge, and a crypt somehow, still picking out the theme.  

I want to contrast wood and stone with extravagance. I have not made a full level in Unreal since 2011 so it is a lot to relearn very quickly. I still have the basics down, but want to get better about using correct units on the grid and getting modular assets to fit nicely.

Reference: Mood Board

BSP in UE4

Mostly empty space BSP

Old Project - Shaker Bottle

Work In Progress / 08 July 2020

Shaker Bottle

Maya High Res unsmoothed and low res

UV for low res

All work by Kyle Horne 2020

CT- Scanner Update

Work In Progress / 03 July 2020

CT Scanner Updates. Had to upres the large model and export again.  UV's and Material iD Sets had to be fixed so that the textures would carry over. 

CT Scanner Textured

Work In Progress / 29 June 2020

CT Scanner in Substance Painter

CT Scanner Textures


CT Scanner UV

Work In Progress / 27 June 2020

I could spend some time optimizing the 0-1 space, but I want to spend 2 days texturing. 


Texture Painting and Sculpting Week 4 Final Progress

Work In Progress / 26 June 2020

Due to Time and Planning I am done with the High Res. Have to reduce and UV tomorrow. 

CT Scanner

-Kyle Horne

Texture Painting and Sculpting Course Week 3

Work In Progress / 22 June 2020

I followed a tutorial to texture the Lantern in Substance Painter.  For the crates, I UV'ed and textured them in painter. 

Week 2 Turn in for Texture Painting and Sculpting.

Work In Progress / 16 June 2020




Stylized Stone

Stone Wall

Learning Substance Designer

Work In Progress / 13 June 2020

Ground Material 

Ground Material Early Stage