Wooden Chest HR, Pre-Sculpt

Work In Progress / 27 May 2020

Wooden chest modeled for subdivision smoothing preview in Maya. Holding edges will be deleted for the Game Res, this was to match the silhouette and to help baking before taking this sculpt into Zbrush and Sub Painter. 

3 Mode with and without wireframe.

- Kyle Horne


Week 4 - Wooden Chest

Work In Progress / 26 May 2020

Wooden Chest Blockout to Near Game Res. *WIP

2.5 Hours

Modeled in Maya. Will texture later in Substance and setup in Unreal

BreakDown colorized for repeatable parts with symmetry. Created in Pure Ref.


Week 3 Turn In - Greek Pillar

Work In Progress / 25 May 2020

Substance Painter and Unreal. The base model in Maya. This was my first full week with Substance Painter. I learned a lot 

TDR Delay- settings in the Regedit.
Full-Screen Mode - Tab in Sub  and F11 in Unreal

Pillar UE4

Pillar Material Node setup

Pillar Behind the scenes in Substance Painter




Back into Unreal

Work In Progress / 20 May 2020

Full Sail Art Creation for Games Audit. *WIP

Been a long time since I used Unreal. Created some Base materials just using constants and some provided normal maps. 

Pillar Base Material WIP*

Week 2 Turn in - Art Creation for Games - Full Sail Online Audit

Work In Progress / 18 May 2020

This week was not as challenging as the first one. There was mostly UV unwrapping to do with minimal modeling. I enjoyed this listening to music mostly. The big takeaway here was to use automap. 

UV lessons

For Curved shells - the steps are to select all curved edges. Cut. Then move and sew each piece onto a straight shell.
Unitize - First select all the edges of a tube shape. DESELECT all the edges you want to act as seems. Then move and sew

Select Continous Edge  - This is amazing

Prop UV - Part 4

Prop UV - Pillar -Modeled, sculpted, Normal, UV

Prop UV - Part 6 - UV

Week 1 Turn in

Work In Progress / 12 May 2020

Proper planning is key I learned. You really need to nail the silhouette during block out, add holding edges in Game Res, and then go nuts it High Res. It might make more sense to decimate down to get the Game Res. I'm Tired.



Parthenon - Pillar

General / 10 May 2020

WIP* Modeling a Pillar in Maya and Zbrush. So far have the undamaged version mainly done minus the smoothing errors on the top part of the cylinders.


3 Mode Preview


Cat Litter Jug

Work In Progress / 09 May 2020

WIP* Maya Model

Prop 2 for AGC

Mouse Model Mid Res and UV

Work In Progress / 08 May 2020

Mouse Model WIP* Night 2

WF and 3 preview

Mid Res and UV


Mouse Model

Work In Progress / 07 May 2020

ACG - Course: Mouse WIP*

Logitech M310. I do not have this mouse personally, however, I do have 2 Mice similar to model off of. Yesterday I did the Breakdown sheet. and Today I did a mix between lockout and mid-Res. I understand that I am mixing together the high poly bake, so there will be some back in forth. Instead of doing Low, Mid, High, I am doing a sort of hybrid to lay the groundwork, then deleting and optimizing later. 

Not Merged yet just for scale 3 mode with WF

Breakdown Sheet (Needs Improvement to show model vs normal map)

Tomorrow I need to get all the silhouette forms done and start UV' ing.  After that add bevels and detail for High Res bake, and down rez-ing the In-Game Engine model.